The cash or cash on delivery service allows the customer to pay for the order when it is delivered by the courier to his home. The service is available in all types of shipping to Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands) and mainland Portugal.

Service fee

The cash payment service entails a cost of € 1.50 additional to the shipping rate itself. Payment of the total order, including the shipping fee and the costs of the cash payment service must be paid upon receipt of the order, by cash payment to the Correos Express courier.

Obligation to pay

The cash payment service is offered as a mere payment convenience for the customer, and in no case does it imply the freedom to decide whether or not to accept the products upon receipt. Indeed, the courier is not authorized to deliver the package to the customer, or allow it to be opened, without the latter having made the cash payment of the corresponding amount. The customer is legally obliged to make the payment in cash upon receipt of the shipment. In the event that the client refuses to pay for the shipment or for any other reason the amount is not paid, Mucases will initiate the corresponding legal procedures to legally demand the payment of the amount owed, as well as a maximum interest rate of 5% for each week of non-payment, plus the cost of the legal procedures for the payment claim.

Customer disagreement

Once orders are processed in our warehouse, they cannot be canceled. This rule applies, in accordance with the provisions of our general terms of sale, to all orders regardless of the selected payment or shipping method. If the client, after sending an order against reimbursement, decides that he no longer wants the purchased products, he must also satisfy the cash payment of the shipment when the logistics company makes it available for delivery, and then he must process with Mucases your return. The non-acceptance and non-payment of the order does not imply a cancellation or return of the order, it implies a non-payment by the client, and as such, the legal procedures described in the previous section will be initiated.

Reimbursement of expenses and / or the amount of the order

In the event that the customer chooses to return the order, the shipping costs, as well as the expenses corresponding to the cash payment service will NOT be reimbursed in any case. The cash payment service is considered provided when the customer receives an order by means of cash payment, and therefore, the expenses are not considered reimbursable. Additionally, in the event of a return, the customer will receive a refund of the amount of the products in accordance with the provisions of the Mucases refund policy. No cash refunds will be issued, so the customer will be asked for an IBAN or account number to receive the refund. This bank account must belong to the EEA (European Economic Area), and the costs of the transfer will be deducted from the refund, of € 0.50 per transfer issued.